About the product

Real Estate Market has inherent problem of being opaque. This product has been made to counter the problems faced by everyone dealing with real estate what should be the price of a property. We are trying to solve it by helping Seller/Buyer to discover market price of a commercial & residential property.

Why this product?

When you speak to few Agents, everyone quotes a different price. When you check online portals, pricing is quoted higher then Market Price in 80% of properties. And in 20% property listings, agents quote much lower price to attract customers. This leaves customer confused. We are trying to solve it by helping Buyer/Seller & Corporate (tenant) to discover market price of a commercial & residential property.

How does Market Pricing assist?

  1. As a Corporate looking for an office space, it assists in getting fair rental value of a property. And Terms & condition for lease, which could be quite significant.
  2. As a Seller, it helps to sell property at fair value, and not sell it at lower value due to opaqueness in the Industry.
  3. As a Buyer, it helps buyer to buy property a fair value, and not buy it at higher value.

Our Products


In the first process, we provide buyer/seller listings available in agent network, to give an idea of what is the impulse of market. Also, we provide you pricing calculated by our model which takes care of historical data, and a lot of parameters. We send a weekly mail for pricing information.

Last Transaction Price

We provide you “Agreement to Sell” of last transaction which has happened. It gives you exact idea of pricing, and terms & conditions which are prevalent in market. We are giving you a public document. And its 100% legal.


  • FreeBie is free of cost for our users for the first property
  • Last Transaction Pricing
    • Rs 5,000 + GST. (Single Document)
    • Rs 10,000 + GST. (Three Documents)

Refundable Policy

  • Paid option (Rs 5000 + GST) is 100% refundable, if you ask for refund within a weeks time, after we provide you information.


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